The One.

I adore journals. I recently filled up my last journal, one that David had bought me almost two years ago from anthropologie, and began my quest for a new one. I never buy a journal until I find the perfect one, one that I think fits my life/personality/taste at this point in time. 
Journaling has been my escape since childhood, as evidenced by my 13 completed books, in various styles and covers (like the Dr. Seuss Oh, the Places You'll Go one I started after my high school graduation). I began my search at Flax, the fabulous, little stationery store in Westwood, with no luck. Next stop was sugar paper, a boutique paper shop in the Brentwood Country Mart. The lime green dotted cloth (apparently hand-bound) journal was beautiful... and $49.50.  My final stop was the UCLA store, which I stopped at on a whim. There I found the perfect Amy Butler Lucky Flowers journal which happens to be printed with soy ink on recycled paper.

Being in the organic-obsession phase that I am in right now, I knew this was the one. The corals, oranges, and teals mirror the accessories in my soon-to-be apartment, and the brightness of the prints remind me of just how fantastic and blessed my life is right now.

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