In less than a month, I will be married to the most amazing man in the world. And exactly month from today, we will be leaving for our honeymoon. In less time than I can even comprehend, I will promise to share my life forever, set up my first home, sink into a new routine with my best friend, and begin a new marked phase in life.

This past weekend, I saw Up with my wonderful soon-to-be family, and not going to lie, I totally cried. It showed, in a stream of images, the continuity, constancy and everyday joys that make up a marriage. I forget, as caught up as I am in making it to the next big milestone, the subtly beautiful moments--picnics in the park with wind-blown hair and long conversations, driving in the car together, holding hands in wordless comfort, sweet kisses goodnight-- that bring me to tears when I reflect on them.

So here's to Up, my new favorite movie. To new adventures. And to a life lived with love.

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