hope and the new year.

i love celebrating the new year. i love clean slates, fresh starts, and blank canvases. i love that, come january 1st, i feel a renewed sense of hope in all the possibilities that lie ahead. given my tendency to break new year's resolutions, i made a list of goals instead--goals i can work towards with the most incremental of steps.

here's my list:

take photographs like a pro. do something creative every day (borrowed from papersource). write notes on personal stationery. buy my favorite books & read them out loud to my husband. spend more time in prayer. write/blog frequently. make my handwriting look like a font. throw parties for every occasion. make (& eat) red velvet whoopie pies. get the non-profit up and running. celebrate even the smallest victories. read my new york times on the actual day that i receive it. save more & spend less. become an active volunteer. learn to take a deep breath. enjoy cooking meals & baking goodies. love like He loves. make a place for everything. work for God's glory.

happy and blessed new year!!

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